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This website is designed to allow you to watch and download your favorite pictures, TV episodes, and series. You are not required to pay money to access or download anything from this domain. There are a number of 123Movies streaming websites to choose from, but nearly all of those are fake. When accessing free streaming services like 123Movies, be careful since many of these are designed to collect people’s sensitive data. On the other hand, this free 123movies website is established by movie fans, so you can enjoy superior video quality and services. Don’t be concerned; start using this 123 movie streaming website right now.

On this platform, you’ll get practically every type of movie, show, and series for free online streaming, and if you don’t, simply wait a few weeks for it to be added. This website is very popular among movie lovers because of its huge database and easy to use interface. Many streaming services out there are using our name and domain, so beware of fake websites and use only this website for your streaming and downloading needs. If you are looking for free movie streaming sites without registration, then you can use this website without thinking twice. Don’t forget to bookmark this site and return frequently to find new movies, episodes, and series to stream on a regular basis.

What Is 123Movies?

As we told above, 123Movies is basically a free movie streaming and downloading website which can be used by anyone all over the world. Since the website offers all types of content, you can use it without worrying about the language and genre. There are many streaming services available on the internet but they don’t match the features and qualities that 123Movies offer. You can use it for both streaming and downloading and that too without registration and paying a single penny. Remember that the official 123Movies website is taken down so all of the current available 123Movies websites are either a clone or mirror of the original 123Movies site.

Is New 123Movies Website Safe For Movies/TV Streaming?

Yes, this website is completely safe and free to use. Just because there are plenty of fake streaming sites available out there that doesn’t mean all are the same. 123Movies offers quite unique features despite being free and safe. All of the content uploaded on 123movie is hosted on third-party websites and is scanned before adding, so you can use it without any worries. 123Movies is available on different domain extensions, so we will recommend you to bookmark this website and visit it only when you want to watch or download movies, shows, or series for free. Even if we have moved to a new domain extension, you will be automatically redirected if you open this website.

123Movies New Website Features

Unlimited Streaming 

The top movie watching and downloading service, 123movies, has a massive library of films. This website contains all of the current and upcoming major film series and episodes. On this website, you will discover both Hollywood and Bollywood content that is not limited only to certain genres. You are free to use this website as long as you want and there are no limits on streaming and downloading. When it comes to downloading media from this website, you won’t have any issues because it can be done in a few clicks. This website also gives you the option to select the video quality in which you want to stream or download the content.

Daily Database Update & Removal

Hundreds of new episodes, series, and movies are released every day and this website is concerned about it too. That is why the database of the new 123Movies website gets updated twice daily with new content for online streaming. Though one thing to note here is that the latest released movies, shows, or series episodes might not be available in HD video quality. As soon as a week passes by, the video will be made available in the highest video quality possible. Some content with copyright strikes might get removed so stream or download the content as soon as it gets added to the database.

User-Friendly Interface & Design

To let users enjoy streaming and downloading the interface of this website is kept simple. You can use 123Movies new website for streaming and downloading without any assistance. Everything is visible right on the home page and you can always use the contact page to ask the website owners for help. This is the only 123Movies website for mobile available right now because the theme is built in such a way that it fits your device’s browser. You can use this 123Movies website to watch movies online without downloading from mobile devices.

Completely Free & Safe

Many webmasters have created websites like 123Movies with the sole purpose of stealing user data and showing ads. Well, this 123 movies new site is not like them and you will be able to actually watch and content using it. You don’t have to pay anything for it also this website doesn’t ask you to register which keeps your data and personal information safe. Though if you want to enjoy some features like creating a playlist, commenting, resuming videos from where you left, etc. then you can create an account on this website. It is completely optional to do so but we will recommend you to do it to keep everything going smooth.

Content Availability In Various Languages

This 123Movie website is made for the whole world, so it doesn’t matter where you are from and which language you understand, you can always use this 123Movies website for streaming and downloading. Movies, shows, and series of almost all languages are available on this website and if you want then you can also switch between languages right on the title page. Our special video player allows you to select the language and subtitles language you want while streaming. If you are looking for regional movies or shows, then you can request an upload and this website will make it available.

also there are many 123movies alternatives sites like gomovies, soap 2 day, fmovies to watch free movies online

How To Use This Free 123Movies Safe Site

Although there’s nothing fancy about this website and a user can use it without any assistance. People often face problems in such streaming sites like 123Movies and we are here to help. You just have to locate the content to want to watch and click on the server link to start your stream. Since we provide multiple servers for a single media file, you can try using different servers if you are experiencing issues in playback, speed, or video quality. Below we have mentioned the steps you can follow to start using this website and to stream content using it yourself.

  • Visit the home page of this 123Movies website.
  • You will find a search box and links to different pages.
  • Either use the search box to find something specific or use the menu bar to visit specific pages.
  • On the Movies, TV Shows, and Series page a full catalog of content will appear on your screen.
  • Simply, click on the title you want to stream or download.
  • Right on the media page, you can either click on the Play Button to start the stream or use the Download In HD button to download it.
  • You are free to select the available servers according to your needs.
  • Sometimes, the website might ask you to prove you are a human.
  • Once verified, your stream or download will start right away without any issues.

FAQs Related To 123 Movies New Website

Is There 123Movies App Available?

Our special 123Movies app is under development right now, so you must refrain from downloading any 123Movies app for Android or 123Movies app for iOS right now. Instead of using any 123Movies app for mobile, you can try other free streaming apps like 123Movies or other websites like Movies123, Soap2Day, FMovies, etc. Also, this 123Movies website works pretty well on mobile devices too. So, instead of using an app to stream or download content for mobile devices, you can use this website in your mobile browser and use it as a streaming app for Android and iOS.

Can You Download Movies From 123Movies Website?

Yes, this website offers both streaming and downloading function for movies, shows, and series. You can either use the built-in downloader function to download content from it or use third-party download managers like Internet Download Manager to grab the video file. The best thing here is that this website allows you to download content in various file formats, so you can select one according to your needs. When you will click on the Download In HD button, the website will ask you to select the video format in which you want to download the content. Currently, the video format and file formats available on this new 123Movies website are MKV,  MP4, and 3GP, while the quality available are: 720p, 1080p, 4K, and Blu Ray.

Is It Legal To Stream Content Using Websites Like 123 Movies?

Using streaming sites like 123Movies is 100% legal and you don’t have to worry about anything while using this website. A lot of people judge and worry because of the myth that streaming content online for free is illegal and you might end up in jail. Well, it all depends on the content you are streaming and things doing with the streaming sites. If a movie, show, or series is available in the public domain, you are free to download, stream, and share it anywhere you want. Though you must restrict yourself from sharing and downloading content that comes under copyright protection.

What To Do If 123Movie Website Not Working?

There are chances that sometimes this website might not work for you at all. The solution to this problem depends on various factors and on the thing by which it is not working for you. If the entire website is working properly and only the Download and Streaming feature is not working, then there are problems with the servers. You can try using another server to fix this issue. If not solved, then below we have listed some common fixes to the 123Movies not working problem:

  • Use a VPN to unblock geo-restrictions.
  • Clear your browser cache and data.
  • Reconnect your internet again.
  • Open this 123Movies website in another browser.
  • Use major browser applications like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safar, Opera, etc.

Can I Watch Movies and Shows With Subtitles?

Yes, almost all of the content of this website has subtitles enabled in it by default. Though there are chances that some titles might not have it and that is just because of its availability. Currently, this website offer subtitles only in the English language so if you are thinking of watching anything in another language with English subtitles, you are good to go. The best thing here is that you can download content from this website and use offline video players like VLC Media Player and add subtitles downloaded from the internet in it to watch it in your own language.


123Movies is among the best movie streaming sites on the internet and you might be aware of it. If not, then you can find it out by looking at the availability of movies, shows, and series on this website. If you are looking for something specific, and not able to find it on this free 123Movies site, then you can also request an upload. We have shared everything about this website on this page so we hope you will be able to stream and download content from this website without any assistance. We are constantly working for making this new 123Movies website more user-friendly and comfortable for the visitors, so keep checking for the update. Till then you can stream or download content for free using this website. We have told you pretty much everything about this website, still if you have any questions feel free to ask us about it via the contact page.

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