Best Academic Essay Writing Techniques for Beginners

Academic Essay Writing Techniques
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Do you know what is an academic essay? It is focused literature that frames an idea or argument thru the support of proof, examination, and interpretation.

There are several forms of essays that students are required to create. However, the info and depth are dependent on your course, study program, and institution requirements. Though, a majority of the essays written in senior classes (college or university level) are argumentative. So, what is an argumentative essay? It is a piece of writing that sways the reader for a specific locus or stance on a topic.

The Stages of Essay Writing Procedure

The academic essay writing procedure encompasses three primary stages:


Choose a topic, carry out research and formulate an essay framework.


Start your argument in the intro, support it with relevant evidence in the main body, and polish off with a broad conclusion.


Review the content, structure, grammar, spelling, and formatting of your writing according to the requirements.

This article will guide you on how to write an essay, what things to include, and how to develop the structure.

What is the Essay Writing Procedure?

A successful essay writing procedure embraces preparation, writing, and revisions. However, the time and effort allocated for each stage are determined by the type of essay you are assigned. For instance, if you have been asked to create a four para expository essay for your senior school, you may allocate a major part of your time to the writing stage. On the contrary, for a college-level argumentative essay, you may allocate more time to explore your topic and develop a genuine argument before you begin writing.

Here are some of the tips for essay writing procedure:

  • Outline your essay topic
  • Carry out detailed research and collect sources
  • Establish a thesis
  • Create an essay framework
  • Illustrate the introduction
  • Write the main body (sketched into paragraphs)
  • Write a remarkable conclusion
  • Assess the overall essay structure and organization
  • Brush up on the content of each para
  • Check through your essay for language blunders
  • Check your content for plagiarism

How to Prepare for Writing an Essay?

Before you begin writing, you must ensure that you have a strong understanding of what you want to express and how you want to frame it. Some of the key steps you may follow are:

Understand your Task

At the start of writing, you should identify the purpose of the essay, what is the required depth, and the deadline given by the instructor. Are you clear about all aspects of the essay or do you need to discuss more details with your instructor?

Describe a Topic

If you have been given the option to pick a topic, try to choose anything that interests you or you have knowledge about.

Perform Your Research

Skim through primary and secondary research sources and extract key points that help you drill your stance on the topic. These points will support your topic.  

Establish a Thesis

A thesis is the focal point or argument of your topic. So, a clear and comprehensive thesis is necessary for a focused essay that you should continue discussing in your writing as you proceed.

Create a Framework

Sketch a rough draft of your essay in the essay framework as it will help you streamline things and keep you on the right track.

After you are clear about what you wish to discuss, in which order, and what evidence you will prefer, you are prepared to write a commendable essay.

However, if you are unsure, you may contact economics assignment help. You may receive a response on the language, structure, and configuration. Pro academic writers review your work and provide feedback on writing style, sentence structure, grammar, and consistency.

How to Write an Introduction?

Before you write an intro, you must understand its purpose. It reflects the background of your topic and sets the tone of your essay. A good intro immediately hooks the reader’s attention and apprises them of what the essay will illustrate. It is only 10% to 20% of the entire document.

Grab Your Reader

You should carefully choose the starting sentence, as it is important to hook your reader from the start. Try to develop their interest and curiosity. You may begin with a fact, question, or any reality related to the topic.

Background of the Topic

Then, it is essential to write content that will deepen the reader’s understanding of the argument. You may include background info, write a summary of any essential academic work or topic, or describe challenging terms. Try to keep the intro brief, more details you may add in the body.

Present the Thesis

After that, you should structure the thesis statement i.e. the fundamental argument you will write about. The thesis statement reflects your emphasis and directs the stance of your topic.

Sketch The Essay Structure

In detailed essays, you can culminate the intro by concisely defining what you will include in every section of the essay. It will steer your reader thru the essay structure, and make them imagine how your argument will unfold. If you still need to know more about it you may visit to help with economics homework for a detailed explanation.

Main Body

The body is the main part of your essay and includes supporting evidence and literature for your idea or thesis. The detail of the body is reliant on the type of essay you are writing. Usually, the body is 60% to 80% of your essay.

Paragraph Structuring

To develop a clear essay structure, it is imperative to plan your writing. The best way is to organize it into cohesive paragraphs. Every paragraph should highlight a major point or idea related to the topic.

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