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Diagnosed With High Cholesterol? Why Is It A Matter of Concern?



Diagnosed With High Cholesterol? Why Is It A Matter of Concern?

High cholesterol is among the most frequent and serious health issues that affect many people around the globe. It is a risk factor for stroke or heart attack which is the main cause of deaths within the US.

Cholesterol is a crystalline substance produced by your liver. It can be used to digest food and produce vitamins and hormones that your body requires. Cholesterol is mostly one of two kinds dependent on what type of lipoprotein you have present in your bloodstream.

Low-Density Protein(LDL)-

It is frequently known as bad cholesterol. The excess LDL accumulates on artery walls, which makes them stiffer and narrower than normal, thereby limiting the blood circulation , which could result in a myriad of health issues, such as heart attacks and stroke. It also can limit the flow of blood to the penis, causing the man to be unable to get an erection. However, it is possible to have erections again using drugs such as cenforce 100.

High-Density Protein(HDL)-

This is a good cholesterol because it transports extra cholesterol from your tissues to lung where it is degraded and removed by your body.

The cholesterol levels that are over 240 milligrams/deciliter (mg/dL) is deemed to be high cholesterol by doctors. The risk of inheriting high cholesterol is from parents to children, but is usually caused by unhealthy habits like a inactivity, a poor diet , and smoking.

It is vital to monitor your body’s cholesterol levels because untreated cholesterol may result in a myriad of health problems including heart disease, which is quite prevalent and serious. In the US One out of every four deaths is due to a heart disease. Each year, around 659,000 people die from heart disease. Changes in lifestyle and medicines can help you control the levels of cholesterol.

If you’re identified as being high in cholesterol, surely it’s an issue to be concerned as it could cause the following health issues, one of which may be life-threatening

Heart Disease

High cholesterol sufferers are more susceptible to heart problems than people with normal levels of cholesterol. A high level of cholesterol could cause coronary artery diseases that could result in heart attacks.

When cholesterol build-up is formed into plaques that form on the walls the coronary artery, which supplies oxygen to the heart, it, it leads to a narrowing and hardening the arteries. This process is often referred to as atherosclerosis and is one of the most common heart-related ailments. It reduces circulation of blood to the heart, leading to coronary artery diseases that ultimately leads to an attack on the heart.

At times, atherosclerosis may also trigger males to have issues with erections by restricting penis’s blood flow.

Doctors usually prescribe drugs such as Cenforce 150 to treat the problem of erection in men. Cenforce 100 assists in increasing the flow of blood to the penis, thereby causing an sexual erection.

Chest Pain Or Angina

The cholesterol that is build up on the walls the heart arteries, it takes forms of plaque makes them harder and narrower. This reduces the flow with oxygenated blood for the heart. The blood flow is reduced into the muscle of your heart results in angina or chest pain.


Apart from blocking the arteries in the heart, cholesterol can build up onto the wall of carotid arteries that run through the neck or in the arteries of your brain as a form of plaques and stop these. Sometimes, plaques can get separated from the walls of the artery and move to your brain, leading to a stroke, which could cause damage to your brain and could cause death.

High Blood Pressure

The excess cholesterol builds up on the wall of the heart’s arteries and makes them more narrow and brittle than normal. This can hinder the flow of oxygen-rich blood towards the heart. A lack of oxygenated blood flow to the heart makes the heart be more difficult to pump blood throughout your body. This results to an increase in blood pressure.

The high blood pressure medicines such as alpha-blockers are often incompatible with PDE5 inhibitors such as Cenforce 150, causing serious adverse side negative effects. Cenforce 100 and blood pressure medications when taken together cause a sudden drop of blood pressure, causing fatigue and dizziness.

Erection Issues

A high level of cholesterol may also result in an inability for a man to get an erection. Cholesterol is able to accumulate on the wall of vessels that transport fluid to the penis. They become harder and narrower, and limiting the flow of blood to the penis, resulting in an unsuccessful erection. Cenforce 100 is frequently prescribed by doctors to treat issues with erections for men. Fildena 100 includes sildenafil citrate, which assists in having lasting and firm erection. Cenforce 100 is an PDE5 inhibitor that loosens penile muscles and increases an increase in blood flow to the penis, thus creating an intimate erection.

Peripheral Vascular Disease

Along with your brain and heart the cholesterol can also be stuck in the arteries around your brain and your heart and, more specifically, on your feet and legs. This can limit blood flow to these arteries. This may cause muscle cramps or feeling of tingling or numbness on your feet and legs. This is also known as peripheral vascular disorder.


The cause of dementia could be because of elevated cholesterol levels. A low amount of HDL or good cholesterol can lead to a greater likelihood of developing dementia, or loss of memory in men.


The high levels of cholesterol can cause the formation of gallstones, which may be uncomfortable. In general, your bile dissolves the cholesterol released by your liver, with the aid of the chemicals within it. However, if your liver produces excessive cholesterol, the overproduction of cholesterol causes crystals that will eventually transform into gallstones.


While it is beneficial to the body’s ability to perform certain vital functions, can also cause harm and result in numerous health issues. Certain lifestyle changes and medicines can aid in reducing the levels of cholesterol in your body, which will reduce the chance of developing complications to high cholesterol.

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Feel and Look Amazing with Your Golden Hue




Going in for spray tanning is not always for aesthetic purposes. There are many other benefits that you can accrue if you go in for sunless tanning. With more and more people getting bronzed at salons and celebrities galore flaunting golden complexions, there is no reason you should balk at this convenience.

When done properly, tanning is completely safe. In fact, it has several health benefits as well. You too can usher positivity in your life with a few visits to acclaimed tanning salons and getting a darker hue to your skin. Here are a few reasons why tanning has become a part of life for so many people in and around our lives.

Gain Confidence

At any given time, you would want to look appealing to others. In modern times, there has been a blast in mediums that present more and more information on how one can appear better and more presentable at all times. 

Instead of looking ‘white’ or ‘pale’, you would want to appear healthy and glowing, which is associated with tanning. Once you get a darker hue, you feel good as endorphins are released in your body. This experience is the same as what happens when you work out. Your body realizes that you are striving to look good and the efforts make you feel euphoric, which makes you actually glow better. Also, the process of getting a tan is a soothing one as well. So when you get tanned on a regular basis at a ‘tanning salon near me’ your mood becomes better too and you feel happy and energized through the day. 

Exposure to Red Light

Did you know that our electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops, etc.) emit blue light?

To function in an optimum manner, human beings need a balance of red and blue light. When you get tanned, you are exposed to the red light which helps you to regain that balance. It also helps to reduce pain, which uplifts your mood as well.

And a happy you is a gorgeous you!

Dose of Vitamin D

Experts say that around 75% of people are Vitamin D deficient. The lack of this vitamin can lead to several health issues such as diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and depression. It is imperative to get ample vitamin D daily so that you stay well. When you get tanned, you receive a large dose of this vitamin. If you go in for regular tanning at a tanning salon in Boca Raton, you can rest assured of being cured of this deficiency.

Reset Your Body Clock

The competitive times of today play a large role in our staying inside most of the time. This wreaks havoc on our bodies and most of us have out-of-whack biological clocks. This means going to sleep very late in the night and getting up late as well. A skewed sleep cycle is detrimental to one’s health and tanning has been known to fix this issue. It helps your body to know when to sleep and when to rise. 

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Alcoholism, Mental Health, and WHO’s Latest Report




As per a landmark report released by World Health Organization (WHO) in June 2022, “1 in 8 people in the world live with a mental disorder.” This gives rise to the need for an urgent transformation in mental healthcare. 

The report further states that in 2019, before the Coronavirus pandemic, the number of people with a mental disorder was nearly a billion. This included around 14 percent of the adolescents in the world. 

After pandemic, as the report says, the rate has increased. The first year of the pandemic saw an increase of 25 percent in the rate of depression and anxiety. 

You might be wondering what it has got to do with AA meetings. Well, mental health is related to alcohol use. 

Alcoholism and mental health 

There is no need to say that, after the pandemic, the number of alcohol users increased too. The pandemic threat might have been reduced towards the end of 2021, but people were still anxious, stressed out, and fearful. 

A lot many had to start their livelihood from scratch. To add fuel to the fire is the ongoing threat of mutant strains. No wonder, a large chunk of the population found solace in alcohol. 

Today, as you attend an AA meeting in Maryland, you would find many members confessing their relapses. Many recovering addicts relapsed during the pandemic. They just couldn’t handle the stress that came with the “virus attack” on the world. 

And, as WHO’s report suggests, today the world is teeming with mentally ill people. Some are mildly ill, while some are severely ill. Some are aware of their illness, some are not. 

The problem with mental disorders is that they are not always obvious like physical symptoms. So, most of them go undetected or unacknowledged. The latter one is a matter of concern. 

No wonder the rate of alcohol use disorder has hardly seen a downward trend in these years. An increasing number of people are struggling with their alcohol problems.

Addressing the problem

The first step toward solving a problem is to acknowledge that there is a problem. 

Similarly, if you wish to quit drinking, you must accept the fact that you have a drinking problem and cannot stop drinking. You need help. 

Only then will you take help, right? 

Members of meetings are people who have boldly accepted their powerlessness in front of alcohol and wish to regain their power to fight their addiction.

Tools like Sobriety Calculator help them accurately keep a tab on the sober days. So as you continue to attend meetings, you monitor your sobriety. This acts as a motivational factor to continue on your sober path. 

It is important to address your emotional self too when endeavoring to quit alcohol. The more you are mentally unwell, the higher your cravings for substances like alcohol. 

A sound and stable mind are strong enough to take on life’s challenges and seek happiness in sober ways. 

Time to analyze your mind. Are you one among the eight people who have some mental discomfort? Let’s be honest to ourselves today. 

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Inactivity Monitoring for People Suffering from Chronic Diseases



Chronic Diseases

Did you know that 90% of the annual $4.1 trillion health care expenses in the US are for people with chronic diseases? These conditions are especially dangerous as they are widespread and anyone can suffer from them. Read on to learn more about what chronic diseases are there and how inactivity monitoring can help your friends and family members deal with them.

What is a Chronic Disease?

Chronic disease is a condition that lasts for 3 months or longer. Their effects are long-lasting and persistent. Six in ten US adults have a chronic disease. Even worse, four out of ten have two or more. They are driving leaders of healthcare expenses and deaths or disabilities.

Different age and social groups suffer from chronic disease, but some behaviors increase the risk sufficiently. These are:

  • Tobacco smoking

Smoking causes cancer, heart and lung diseases, and even leads to diabetes and COPD.

  • Physical inactivity

Physically active people lower the risks of having heart diseases, diabetes, and even mental health issues.

  • Alcohol Use

Cancer, mental issues, and even a stroke are most likely to happen with excessive drinkers.

  • Poor nutrition

Poor nutrition is the cause of constant tiredness, high blood pressure, and obesity.

The Most Widespread Chronic Diseases. Their Threats

We can’t cover all of the diseases, but here are the most widespread causing health damage to seniors, adults, and even children:

Heart Diseases

One-third of deaths in the US are caused by a stroke or related heart disease. The risks of having one are high, especially in countries with low income. The most vulnerable group is older adults, but even an infant can suffer from a stroke.


Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the US. It is difficult to cure and even people who avoid bad habits can suffer from one. It requires a complex medical approach and a lot of time to cure.


Diabetes is a condition that can cause many serious complications like heart diseases and kidney failure. Women older than 25 as well as overweight or people with high pressure are at increased risk.


Arthritis is one of the most common conditions around the world. It affects older adults who are rarely physically active.


Obesity is a serious issue in the US. It affects 20% of children and 42% of adults. Obesity can lead to all of the chronic diseases listed above.

How Inactivity Monitoring Can Help People Suffering from Chronic Diseases

Proper chronic disease management is quite difficult. People with these conditions often can’t be responsible for their body state. That’s why centers for disease controls recommend using fall detection and health monitoring systems. Personal emergency response systems cut the risks of severe outcomes during a stroke or when dealing with pain. The most effective systems use inactivity alerting.

Inactivity monitoring allows family members and caregivers to receive the signal for help as fast as possible no matter the circumstances. It lets patients with chronic diseases send an SOS signal without their direct input.

How Inactivity Monitoring Works

Inactivity monitoring checks up on the absence of someone’s activity. It uses tracking parameters like timers. If the device detects the prolonged user absence it starts a chain of events that results in notifying the list of emergency contacts about the danger. The triggers and tracking parameters are different depending on the device used.

Inactivity monitoring is used in many systems starting from complex medical alert trackers and ending with smartphones and wearables. Customer services use it in different gadgets applications trying to achieve the fastest response time possible.

AllsWell App for Monitoring People Suffering from Chronic Diseases

AllsWell Alert is one of the best management apps for chronic diseases that uses the feature of inactivity monitoring. The app developers have made a medical emergency system that doesn’t need a response center and contracts with emergency services. All you have to do is to download the app, enter the user data, and set the inactivity timers.  

Chronically ill people can set up the timers of their activity during the day and if their absence is prolonged the system sends the SOS signal. The list of pre-set emergency contacts receives the notification with the latest GPS location of the patient.

Download AllsWell Alert today and see how crucial inactivity monitoring is for the digital health of patients with chronic disease.

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