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Guide to Select Right boxing gloves properly



boxing gloves

To protect your hands and minimize impact when practicing kicks on punching bags or sparring with a partner in boxing, Muay Thai, or kickboxing, you need a pair of boxing gloves. Custom boxing gloves are made from different materials and come in many different weights and designs. Understanding all these aspects will help you choose the right boxing gloves for your workout.

In this guide, we’ll look at the different types of boxing gloves and how to pick the best pair for yourself. If you want to know how to find quality boxing gloves, keep reading.

Boxing Gloves Types

There are many different types of boxing to meet the needs of different athletes and training facilities. Here’s our breakdown of the 4 main types:

Training Gloves 

Training gloves are made of leather and designed for use at the gym. They protect your hands while you do standard mitt/pad work, heavy bag training, and partner drills.

Bag Gloves 

Bag gloves, with their less padding than regular training gloves, provide an opportunity to develop faster punching and better form. Bag gloves are commonly used by professional fighters and less often by recreational combat sports practitioners.

Sparring Gloves 

Boxer sparring gloves are used for sparring practice to minimize injuries. Larger, padded training gloves are more impact-absorbent and recommended for sparring practice, as they can reduce the risk of injury. Boxers in lighter weight categories should wear 14-16oz gloves, while boxers in heavier weight categories may wear heavier gloves.

Competition Gloves 

Competition gloves are lighter than training gloves, with less padding, which lends to faster punching and more impact and damage. They weigh from 6-10oz depending on the sanctioning body and weight division.

Selecting The Right Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves used to be made of thick fabric and padding. Today, they’re made of leather and other durable materials designed to improve hand protection, wrist support, and comfort.

To choose the right boxers, we will first look at each individual component of the gloves. The outside is usually made from real or synthetic leather that is stitched together by a skilled craftsman and a sewing machine. A layer of foam padding for impact absorption lies beneath the leather, which provides protection.

Foam padding that keeps its shape and firmness for a long time ensures every impact is absorbed without affecting the sparring session.

Choosing the right boxing gloves can be a bit complicated, but here are some things to consider.

  • Real leather is often the best choice because of its durability, feel, and looks. 
  • However, synthetic leather-like microfiber leather is becoming popular too. 
  • Microfiber leather has better affordability, good breathability, easy maintenance, and anti-bacterial properties.

Cleaning Boxing Gloves. After your training session, wipe down your gloves to remove moisture to avoid bacteria and odor. This is the easiest way to maintain your gloves.

Buy Boxing Gloves According to Your Size 

Boxing glove sizes are usually weighed in ounces from 6-18. To determine the correct size, we suggest that you match the weight of your glove with the weight of your own hand. The heavier you are, the heavier the glove you need. 

This is especially critical for sparring because heavy gloves (16oz and above) are often recommended if you are working out with a partner.

For regular training, such as bag or pad work, you will want to use gloves that weigh 10-14 ounces. These can also be used as competition gloves for amateur fights or smoker fights.

Example of Best Boxing Gloves 

These are the best and most affordable boxing gloves that you can consider while buying:

Harrier Pro – Hook and Loop Boxing Gloves  

Harrier Pro is a durable and accessible fitness glove designed for mixed fitness sessions and quick sparring. Harrier Pro is a moisture-proof leather that’s ideal for short and medium-length workout sessions. The antimicrobial inner fabric makes Harrier Pro a lasting purchase.

From sparring to strip work to the boxing ring, Harrier Pro’s Infiniti-armor technology gives your arms extra protection while allowing mobility. We use Infiniti-shell technology at Fight Gear Custom to craft each mattress layer from precisely molded foam that fits your body like a glove.  You can also check for other boxing equipment at this shop.

Stealth X2 Laceup Boxing Gloves 

Stealth-X2 is built for excellent speed and performance. After extended sessions of sparring, training, bag, and mitt work, it feels like a natural extension of your body. Perfect for an MMA fighter’s body.

A combination of precisely molded foam, provides a snug fit while still allowing for natural motion. Stealth lace-up gloves with multiple padding offer comfort and speed, with ultimate impact protection and powerful force delivery.

Raptor Xtreme – Laceup Boxing Gloves 

Raptor Xtreme is designed for all-around training, featuring comfort, protection, and performance in mind. Making it suitable for sparring, training, bag, and mitt work. With special attention put into making this glove as comfortable and secure as possible, Raptor proves to be a durable and reliable training partner.       

One of the most important factors during your boxing gloves selection process is to focus on the weight. Boxing gloves’ weight widely varies for different sizes of a hand; their weight also influences the power and speed of the stroke. In general, a professional training glove is heavier than an amateur one. 

Anyway, don’t worry; if you are just starting out at a fitness center or gym, it’s okay to wear a baggy with some extra weight as long as you have comfortably put on your hand and can move freely. With that, it’s time for you to establish what you really need and start your boxing gloves search now!

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