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How does Green Line Metro Bus Influence Karachi’s Real Estate Market?



karachi metro bus

Karachi is considered one of the world’s densely populated cities. According to the latest estimates, the city has a population of more than 30-32 million people. Karachi contributes considerably to the national treasury as the port of entry and exit for import and export via Port Qasim and Karachi Port. However, Karachi’s transportation infrastructure is inadequate. Due to the high volume of traffic, traffic jams are common, and the roadways seem to be parking lots. Karachi requires a state-of-the-art transportation system that includes metro buses and trains.

As a response to these issues, Pakistan’s government has begun work on the Karachi Green Line Bus Project. The project is approximately 26 kilometers long. The Metro service runs from Merewether Tower to Surjani Town Karachi, with 25 total stations.

What’s About the Green Line Project?

With Prime Minister Imran Khan set to officially launch the Green Line Bus Rapid Transit service, here’s everything you should know about the new public transportation service:

  • The service is expected to carry 300,000 passengers per day.
  • The 80 buses will be driven by 200 drivers who have successfully completed their training.
  • The metro bus will move from Surjani Town’s KESC Power House Chowrangi to the Municipal Park.
  • It passes through the 25 stations along the way, including Nagan Chowrangi, North Nazimabad, Nazimabad, and Gurumandir.
  • The ticket pricing for the Green Line BRT project was predicted that the government would set a minimum of Rs 15 and a maximum of Rs 55 for bus service.
  • At the Numaish intersection, a state-of-the-art underground bus terminal with a parking area and a commercial mezzanine floor was also built.

Major Routes & Stations of Green Line Metro Station Karachi:

The main period of the Karachi Green Line Metro Bus organization is the 26 km busway, which has a total of 25 stations. Let’s have a look at the routes and stations of this magnificent bus; 

List Of Common Corridor Stations (Linked To Other BRTS Lines):

  • Tower B Station 
  • Tower A Station 
  • Light House Station 
  • Civil Hospital Station 
  • Jama Cloth Station 
  • Municipal Park Station 
  • Shownu Point Station
  • Gul Plaza Station 
  • Sea Breeze Station
  • Numaish Station

List Of Green Line Specific Stations:

  • Patel Para (Guru Mandir) Station
  • Lasbela Chowk Station
  • Sanitary Market (Gulbahar) Station
  • Nazimabad No.1 Station
  • Enquiry Office Station
  • Annu Bhai Park Station
  • Board Office Station (to Orange Line)
  • Hyderi Station
  • Five Star Chowrangi Station
  • Jummah Bazaar (Bayani Center) Station
  • Erum Shopping Mall (Shadman No.2) Station
  • Nagan Chowrangi Station
  • U.P. More Station
  • Road 4200 (Saleem Center) Station
  • Power House Chowrangi Station
  • Road 2400 (Aisha Complex) Station
  • 2 Minute Chowrangi Station
  • Surjani Chowrangi (4K) Station
  • Karimi Chowrangi Station
  • KDA Flats Station
  • Abdullah Chowk Station

How does the Green Line Metro Bus Influence the Real Estate Market?

More Business and Job Opportunities – Karachi is the country’s economic hub. Karachi, as Pakistan’s main port city, is vital not only nationwide but also for international trade. Furthermore, Karachi has a wide variety of flats, shops, and houses for sale in Bahria Town and other housing societies. Residents can access various mega shopping malls, popular local markets, retail stores, private offices, industries, and different national and multinational companies via the Green Line Metro Bus, making this city a core of endless opportunities for business and work careers.

Hassle-Free Transportation Access – Karachi is a city that never sleeps, and its size and scale scare both visitors and inhabitants. People can, however, get in contact with the city and its various characteristics via the Green Line Metro Bus. Nowadays, a large number of Karachi residents are looking for the best houses for rent in Surjani Town Karachi, because the Surjani Town station, like the other stations of this magnificent bus, allows many people to commute wherever they want. You may find yourself at ease in Karachi’s fast-paced lifestyle. You’ll realize that this city isn’t about crazy routines as time goes on. In fact, Karachi is a fun location to live, and the variety of various and convenient transportation options makes life much easier in every aspect.

Houses on the shoes of coastal areas – Karachi, as a coastal city, offers a variety of housing options along the coast. DHA is at the top, followed by Clifton and Korangi, whereas the other localities include Mehran Town, Allahwala Town, and Lucknow.

Additionally, houses for rent in DHA, Karachi, are close to the seaside and are a viable alternative to get recurring profits and consistent revenue. Many real estate investors have purchased houses or flats near the beach and are now renting out their actual properties during the peak holiday season to earn rental revenue. A rental house near Karachi’s coast opens several doors to gorgeous resorts. A number of properties, particularly huts on the coasts of Keamari, Hawks Bay, and French Beach, are also available. During the summer season, these beach rental cabins are in high demand. As a result, the vast majority of tourists and visitors contribute to Karachi’s thriving real estate industry.

Numerous Benefits Come Along With Karachi Green Line Bus Service. 

The ease of access to jobs and business, daily living aspects, transportation, commercial, healthcare, education, and many other amenities are the key incentives behind this necessity. Moreover, if money is not an issue, you can choose from houses for sale in North Nazimabad, Karachi, and other opulent housing societies in the city, all of which offer a world-class standard of living and a variety of facilities and opportunities. Also, the society’s residents can experience low traffic on roads, resulting in reduced traffic jams. They can also experience a safer and cleaner environment due to this fantastic Green Line Metro Bus. So, there will be low pollution, low temperature, fresh air, and a healthy environment.


In short, Green Line Metro Train is the right step toward the provision of properties for both buying and rental purposes for the majority of Karachiites. It will also help turn Karachi into a Green City.  Therefore, it’s proven that the facility of the Green Line project is positively influencing the real estate market in Karachi. Meanwhile, if you intend to invest in the real estate market of Karachi. recommends you visit our website to get information regarding the latest real estate opportunities and property price trends in various parts of the city. 

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Top Benefits of Using LED Industrial Lighting at Construction Sites




LED or light-emitting diode is a revolutionary technology in lighting that’s making its presence felt rapidly across various industry sectors. According to leading commercial lighting makers, LED lighting offers various advantages. The key benefits include longer life, power-saving due to low consumption of electricity, and affordability. 

Commercial businesses are also transitioning to LED lighting as they are also looking to leverage the benefits of this popular lighting technology. The construction industry, in particular, is ahead of others in taking advantage of the benefits LED industrial lighting solutions offer at its working sites. 

Let’s look at the significant reasons why construction sites prefer using LED industrial lighting systems.

Enhanced Safety

Construction sites are sensitive and vulnerable as there are multiple hazards and risks for workers. A poorly lit site can be potentially risky for the health of people working there. Thus, it becomes indispensable for site managers and administrators to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the place as well as the workers. 

By installing temporary lighting systems comprising LED lights, they can minimize the possibilities of accidents and hazards at construction sites. By using LED lights, they can increase the area’s visibility and ensure that workers can work at their peak efficiency. Also, handling and moving these lights is easy. They can be shifted from one place to another without any effort and quickly too.

Practical Solution

LED streamer lights provide brighter illumination than conventional light bulbs. As they consume less electricity and can illuminate the entire construction site with minimal lights, they are seen as a more practical solution by site managers and business owners.

Impressive Savings

LED lights consume nearly 90 percent less energy than other types of lighting systems. Also, they last much longer than conventional bulbs. They have an average lifespan of nearly 50,000 hours. These factors can assure long-term savings for construction business owners. They can use the saved funds to drive business by investing more resources in different areas.  

Superior Performance

According to the leading LED light manufacturers, LEDs are available in various colors, brightness levels, and temperatures. They also provide superior illumination across a wider space. The quantity and quantum of light provided through these streamer lights are ideal for construction sites. Workers on the site can carry out their tasks without having to do with make-shift lighting arrangements which can often hamper the quality and progress of work.

Unmatched Durability

Construction sites place a lot of demand on workers owing to the nature of work in this industry. These sites need durable and a wide range of working accessories and tools. Since LED lights are made from durable materials, they are the preferred choice for such sites as they can easily endure rough and harsh conditions.

While purchasing LED lighting systems for your industrial lighting needs, make sure you choose the right brand. Duraline LED industrial lighting solutions offer innumerable advantages to construction site owners. The company enjoys a reputation for supplying safety-engineered electrical products and can also customize the products on-site based on the unique needs of every customer.

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US Company Data

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, you’ll want to review the real estate companies listed here. These brokerages have impressive reputations, but there are also many smaller companies to consider. US Company Data, EQ1, eXp Realty and Douglas Elliman are a few you might want to consider. In addition to these big players, you may also want to check out independent agents in California real estate companies list, who are often less expensive and provide more personalized service.

US Company Data

US Company Data is one of the world’s most prominent luxury real estate brands. Today, it focuses on residential real estate and has more than 7,000 offices worldwide. Few years ago, US Company Data’s closed sales totaling $924 million, making it the 5th largest real estate company in USA.

Real Estate Companies List In California

US Company Data, a part of the renowned art and wine auction house, is one of the largest and most successful real estate firms in the world. The company has offices in more than 1,000 countries and employs over 23,000 sales associates. It accounts for $114 billion in annual sales. Its global presence and prestigious listings make it a standout among other real estate companies.

Douglas Elliman

One of the most prestigious names in real estate is Douglas Elliman. Founded in 1884, this real estate company has offices around the world. Their list of real estate companies includes many notable names, including Donald Trump. In addition to the Donald Trump name, the Douglas Elliman company offers a comprehensive list of services. Douglas Elliman is also known for its high-quality customer service. You can expect to receive personalized and expert service when you work with Douglas Elliman.

Founded in 1911, Douglas Elliman is an independent residential real estate brokerage. The company has 70 offices in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island. The company has a partnership with Knight Frank Residential, and prides itself on offering an exceptional consumer experience. While many companies have grown in size, this New York-based firm has maintained its quality service for over a century. Listed below are some of their main services:


Real Estate Companies List In California

Founded in 2013, EQ1 Real Estate ranks 1665 on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies. The company has grown from bringing in $30 million in revenue five years ago to more than $500 million today. EQ1’s current revenue is more than $100 million, and the company plans to double that number this year. If you’re a home buyer, it may be time to consider partnering with an EQ1 realtor.

EQ1’s success has largely been attributed to its size. In addition to hiring more than 17,000 agents, it has also acquired smaller brands. Among the other companies on the list, Compass boasts over 17,000 agents and a customer-centric business model. These companies have an impressive list of awards and are highly regarded for their innovative services. EQ1 is just one of the many companies on the list that can help you find your dream home.

eXp Realty

When looking for a new job, eXp Realty offers a great career opportunity. As an agent, you will get to work at your own pace and with other like-minded professionals. You will have full autonomy over your business, and you will not have to give up equity or control. The company pays you based on the amount of work you do for the company and the types of properties you sell.

Real Estate Companies List In California

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s looking for a new career, eXp Realty offers an abundance of resources for new agents. They have mentors, brokers, and sponsors available to answer any questions you might have. Additionally, a virtual office is available ten to twelve hours a day, and it allows you to chat with the brokerage team, accounting, and transaction teams.

Eastdil Secured

The assets management firm Eastdil Secured has been in the business for over 40 years. With over 18000 employees and a national presence, the company offers a broad range of real estate services, including sales, investment banking, and destination consulting. Eastdil is a leading name in this industry, with offices across 68 countries. To learn more about the company, please visit

The firm’s business is to help clients create value through the arrangement of investment property sales, mortgage loan sales, and related corporate finance and investment banking transactions. They provide advice to both landlords and tenants, and offer a full range of advisory services and capital markets solutions. Aside from selling and financing real estate, Eastdil Secured also provides leasing and development services for office properties in both core and suburban markets.

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4 Effective tips to buy a house in Dubai




Dubai’s housing market is a significant focal point for top-end private properties accessible for long-haul speculation or prepared to move in. As one of the most controlled and straightforward areas in the district, combined with ongoing turns of events, personal satisfaction, and the gigantic potential for profit from the venture, expats are quick to put resources into the lodging area which is thusly helping the house purchasing rates in the country.

Dubai offers heaps of properties for future speculation. These incorporate manors, townhouses, apartment complexes, and family homes. This wide determination implies that you are not compelled to make do with properties that may not suit your financial plan or inclinations. If you are looking for a home, you can check out the best apartments in Jumeirah Village or apartments for sale in Jumeirah Village Triangle.

Migrant Homes, a land fire up, gives a start to finish purchaser experience for properties across Europe and the Middle East. They are an imaginative organization that is advancing in Dubai by going about as a commercial center for purchasing and leasing properties, as well as creating advancement innovations to the more likely to upgrade and further develop the general client experience. Seymour Fisher, UAE General Manager for Nomad Homes, records the different elements to consider for first time home purchasers:

5 tips you should look at while buying properties

Below are the 5 tips you should always consider before buying any properties in Dubai:

Understanding the property purchasing process applicable in Dubai

In Dubai, you can buy a property either through the ‘off-plan’ method from a real estate developer or go for ‘resale’ from some private seller. While opting for off-plan property, all ex-pats are required to put forward their passports as well as a reservation form that clearly outlines all the various terms and conditions associated with the deal. There is also a reservation fee involved that may range between 5% to 15% of the total cost which is paid to systematically draw up the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA), which commits both parties to the property buying deal. Hateem City Multan

If you are looking to buy properties that are under construction, make sure that such an agreement comprises a completion date as well as outlines any kind of compensation that is to be paid in case there are delays in completion within the stipulated time frame. If you want to purchase a resale property from some private seller, it will involve a Memorandum of Understanding or MoU which outlines all the various terms and conditions associated with the deal. In these cases, a buyer typically pays a 10% deposit of property price in order to confirm the purchase of property, thus pending approved financing. Transfer of deeds usually takes place after financing has been obtained.

Think of why you are planning to buy the property

It is very important that you decide in advance as to why you are looking to buy a particular property. Are you looking to buy the property simply for investment purposes? Or do you want to find a place where you can occupy yourself and/or with your family? Whatever the nature of your purpose might be, it can be a major impact on the nature and type of the property purchased. So if you want to purchase a property for investment purposes, the trend with most expats is to rent out a property like that. 

You should then carefully study the property market as well as look through the properties that offer the highest possible rental yield. A good investment decision would be to go for a small one or two BHK apartments instead of a large villa as such homes have better profit margins than larger houses even though a villa might seem like a better and more luxurious option.

Learn everything about due diligence

While buying a resale or off-plan property, you should definitely ask a lot of questions so as to determine the reputation of the real estate agent or the developer. In case you are buying a property from a developer, it is of paramount importance that you should check the reputation of the developer, particularly in terms of quality and also whether the developer can deliver a project on time.

 In most cases where people buy a property from a developer, a particular unit is not ready and still under construction, hence it becomes very important for the potential buyers to explore homes for getting an idea as to what they might expect. On the other hand, if you are looking to buy a property through a real estate agent, make sure whether that agent is registered with Dubai Land Department or not.

Survey the property properly

In case you are thinking of purchasing an existing property directly from some private seller in Dubai from the secondary market, you should hire the expertise of a professional surveying company that is properly registered to offer such services. Maintaining a property in the right way is the sole responsibility of the current owner. The surveyors can thoroughly assess the whole property that you are looking to buy. 

They can check the premises critically and can alert you about potential risks such as if you might need to carry out any major repair work or need to manage high-maintenance costs. This is especially true for large villas that might remain unoccupied in many cases for several months. After you have taken possession of a property, the maintenance of the house solely rests in your hands. Therefore as a buyer of the property, you should make sure that you do not inherit a property with any major issues down the line.

Check for debts or liabilities associated with a property

When you are purchasing a property, make sure that the house is totally free from all debts or liabilities. You will be getting a document with a title that clearly confirms that to you. It is the task of the seller to present you with a N.O.C. or no objection certificate right from the office of the developer. The developers are going to perform a number of checks on a given property in order to make sure that the property is completely free from any kind of debt or liability. 

Once all the checks have been performed, the developer will then issue a N.O.C. which confirms that the particular property complies with all the regulations and is ready for being transferred to Dubai Land Department. It is extremely important that you get the N.O.C. or no objection certificate while you are buying the property as without it you may need to face a lot of legal hassles in the future.

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