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How to style Smart-Casual Sneakers?

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There is a famous saying that goes by “Good shoes take you good places” so when it comes to elevating your look, your shoes play an important role in doing that. The first thing a person can notice when they first look at you or interact with you are your shoes. This is one of the biggest reasons you need to invest in high-quality shoes, but while most men choose sleek and shiny shoes for their more formal outings, sneakers are where they may give up and just compromise on the next best thing. Yet, there are many times you’d need to buy sneakers that upgrade your smart-casual look.

A smart casual look is one of those styles that truly allows you to be yourself. However, styling sneakers in a smart-casual way might get confusing and annoying, which is why you need to keep reading to figure out how you can style your shoes properly.

What is a Smart-Casual?

If you are looking for its meaning or definition then it will vary from season to season, locations, or even the people that you will be interacting with. It can therefore get complicated for men to know the exact meaning of how to dress in a smart-casual way appropriately.

If we talk generally then it means that your outfit should be close-fitting but somewhat less formal than your professional business style.

Tips On Styling Smart-Casual Sneakers

  1. Focus On Length: before you pick your shoes for the day, you need to check the length of your pants as they should not create a bunch around your ankles. You do not want to hide your shoes.
  2. All Sneakers Are Not Gym Shoes: styling men’s sneakers for everyday wear is not the same as athletic ones. You might choose shoes that may be comfy along with sensible rubber and supportive foot-beds. Shoes such as lunar sneakers – navy would look out of space in the weight room. Therefore, choose the right occasion to wear them rather than wearing them to the gym.
  3. Keep Your Collection Low Profile: If you are willing to elevate your sneakers from casual to smart-casual then you might want to add minimal and low-profile shoes to your closet.
  4.  Material Matters: when it comes to shoes, the quality of products plays an important role. Whether they are smart-casual sneakers or moccasins, high-quality shoes that have precise finishing will look note worthier than any other.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed some questions that are asked more than often by men when they are styling their sneakers:

  1. Can they be worn to formal events?

We would recommend that you stick to formal wear shoes for black tie events. However, you can wear leather sneakers in black or white color.

  1. How can one look smart in sneakers?

For that, we would suggest that you stick by these three styling rules:

  1. Can white sneakers be worn in a smart casual way?

White is an immensely versatile color, so these are the shoes that bridge the gap between casual and smart styles. The answer to this question is yes white shoes can be worn as smart casual.


Shoes can easily elevate your entire look only if they are paired rightly.  Styling a smart-casual look can get really fun as you have tons of options to pick from. You can take a look at our smart casual collection for more inspiration.

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