Pakistan and Bangladesh Have A See-Saw Relationship

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In 1971, the partition of East Pakistan from West Pakistan created never-ending clashes.

Though Pakistan and Bangladesh shared their past, internal conspiracies, and addiction to wealth laid down 1971 war.

1971, the war also spoiled Pakistan Bangladesh friendship.

West Pakistan government and military brutally exploited East Pakistan.

Bangladeshi people with their fought for their freedom fearlessly.

Approximately three million people were killed in the war of freedom.

Though Bangladesh had a strong identity in politics. But West Pakistan was not accepting the fact.

Rather they were exploiting their social, political, and economic identity.

In East Pakistan, Bangladeshi identity was dominant and strong as compared to West Pakistan.

After the 1970 elections, the victory of the Awami League was dominant in East Pakistan gaining majority seats from East Pakistan.

But Pakistan People’s Party and President Yahiya Khan were not agreed for giving power to East Pakistan Party.

This led to a rift in their relationship and urged the movement for freedom in East Pakistan.

Bangladeshi people faced unparalleled human suffering from the West Pakistani government and military.

Due to operation Searchlight, 3 million people were murdered. Approximately two to four lac women were rapped.

All this brutality was done by the military, RazaKars.

Still the effects can be seen in Bangladeshi nations and societies.

After 1976, Pakistan officially recognized Bangladesh.

Since then there is no dispute between the two countries.

But the difficulty of battle crimes and owing duty for the brutalities perpetrated on civilian Bangladeshis is the trouble that maintains on re-emerging.

Bangladesh has reiterated the call for an apology many times, and this is a vital bone of rivalry between the 2 nations.

Pakistan apology to Bangladesh:

The brutalities and genocide committed by Pakistani army officials and the government are reported in Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report.

This report contains all the events leading up to the loss of East Pakistan and the 1971, war with India.

In 2002, when former president Pervez Musharraf visited Bangladesh, he showed regression from the 1971, war.

But his regression was interpreted in various ways.

There is a clear difference between showing regret and appealing an apology for what you have done.

The established order of the Bangladesh conflict crimes tribunal turned into now no longer taken negatively through the Pakistani established order.

Strong discontent turned expressed through Bangladesh over Pakistan’s statement,

wherein a legitimate stated Pakistan turned into “deeply saddened” through the executions of conflict criminals in 2016.

On several occasions, officers and civil society individuals of Bangladesh have raised the want for an apology from Pakistan, however to no avail.

But Pakistan is taking steps to transport closer to a greater resilient partnership, on 14th August 2020, Pakistan’s High commissioner in Dhaka,

made an assertion appreciating the function Bengali Muslims performed in the improvement of Pakistan.

Trade sensible Pakistan’s exports to Bangladesh have been $736 million in 2019 and Bangladesh’s exports to Pakistan have been only $ forty-four million in line with a file from the State financial institution of Pakistan.

On the exchange front, because the stability is in choose of Pakistan, plenty wishes to be done.

Stronger monetary engagement could make the connection flow ahead in diplomatic and political phrases too.

Also, current tendencies are hinting at a few ahead motions inside the bilateral ties of the 2 nations.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan made a name to Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to talk about the COVID scenario and similarly prolonged an invite to go to Pakistan.

Following reports that Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had turned down the Indian High Commissioner’s request

That request about the meeting after four months sparked worries about a possible drift between India and Bangladesh.

Although Bangladeshi officials later clarified that the Prime Minister’s COVID regulations were to blame for the failure to meet.

As rumors concerning Bangladesh’s relations with India circulate, Pakistan and China are seizing the chance to strengthen their control over Dhaka.

The role played by India and China in 1971:

India and China both have a significant impact on Pakistan and Bangladesh’s bilateral relations.

Bangladesh gained its independence from India in 1971, and ever since then, despite border disputes and other issues, the two countries have maintained strong and positive relations.

Pakistan’s interests are adversely affected by Bangladesh’s proximity to India,

So whenever there is a deterioration in those relations, Pakistan seizes the chance to seize control.

In this situation, China also helps Pakistan out thanks to increased Chinese investment in Bangladesh.

In South Asia, Bangladesh is a crucial partner in China’s Belt and Road programmer.

China has suggested a deal to Bangladesh on Teesta River restoration while India has failed to finalize a water-sharing agreement with Teesta River Bangladesh.

Concerns have been expressed about China’s debt trap for Bangladesh and the strategic ramifications of Chinese investments in Chittagong Port.

India should consider China’s and Pakistan’s overtures to Dhaka.

A meaningful reorientation of ties necessitates dealing with the past in addition to more recent engagements.

Even though Pakistan Bangladesh relation appear to be moving in a favorable direction and the question of an apology for the events of 1971 continues to come up.

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