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What is the history of Licious?



Licious is India’s most essential D2C Unicorn, settled in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. The association manages a home to-fork model, with an all out back-end creation connection and cold chain. It serves in excess of 25 Indian metropolitan areas including Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurugram, Faridabad, Noida, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Coimbatore, Kochi, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Pondicherry and Kolkata. The affiliation has 5 administering places, each at Hyderabad, Mumbai, Gurugram and 2 at Bangalore. Licious is supported with the FSSC22000 UKAS endorsement for food making due. What is the history of Licious?

Licious is the basic relationship nearby to guarantee full ESG consistence. For this, the association has sent a social event which is sincerely pursuing accomplishing the objective. In late 2021, Licious collaborated with the World Animal Protection India relationship to sign a ‘Confirmation to Chicken Welfare’. Licious is the critical Indian brand to really commit this commitment. In December 2021, the affiliation won the Thought Leadership Award for ESG Goals.

In April 2022, License conveyed off its most head EBO in Bangalore. EBO is a one of its sort Meat and Seafood Store that offers an encounter like no other. The store similarly hardens Licious Kitchen – a space that licenses clients to encounter the maintained RTC level of dishes cooked and served. To look at the more such subjects in general, follow whatisss.


Licious, moved by Delightful Gourmet Pvt Ltd, was spread out in July 2015 by Abhay Hanjura and Vivek Gupta and formally delivered off in October of that very year. Abhay Hanjura and Vivek Gupta truly worked for Futurisk Insurance and Helion Ventures openly. Hanjura holds a degree in Biotechnology and is a past student of Insurance Institute of India. Vivek is a position holding trade graduate and contracted delegate.

The licensee works five overseeing associations, with regions in Bengaluru (2), Mumbai (1), Hyderabad (1) and Gurugram (1), and in excess of 90 dissipating places in all business locale. The association has and sorts out an all back-end store connection, and keeps a staggering debasement secure control to remain mindful of the quality and inventiveness of its things. Also, see What Is Brisket.


Television on Lycius Received seed understanding of ₹6.9 crore ($1 million) from Mohandas Pai, Manipal Global Education Services and monetary expert Kanwaljit Singh.

In 2016, the association raised a Series An improvement of supporting of generally ₹21 crore ($3 million) from Mayfield Capital and 3one4 Capital.

In the urgent quarter of 2017, Licious got a Series B round of contribution worth ₹69 crore ($10 million) from existing and new money related help, including Mayfield India, 3one4 Capital, Sistema Asia Fund and Neoplex Technology Fund.

In September 2018, Licious raised ₹174 crore ($25 million) in a Series C undertaking round. The round was driven by Bertelsmann India Investments and Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia and India (part of the asset’s Vertex Holdings association). The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in this way situated resources into the collusion close by existing money related advocates Mayfield India, 3one4 Capital, Sistema Asia Fund and InnoVen Capital. What is the history of Licious?

In December 2018, Licious raised one more ₹174 crore ($25 million) in a Series D round of speculation. The round was driven by the Nichirei Group, a directly recorded mix from Japan. Existing financial assistance 3one4 Capital, Bertelsmann India Investment, Vertex Ventures South Asia and India, UCLA and Sistema Asia Fund were different assistants.

In December 2019, License brought $30 million up in its Series E round, drove by Singapore-based Vertex Growth Fund. A couple of existing money related allies returned, including 3one4 Capital, Bertelsmann India Investments, Nichirei Corp, Vertex Ventures South Asia and India, and Sistema Asia Fund. What is the history of Licious?

In October 2021, Licious really impacted the viewpoint by arising as India’s most huge D2C unicorn.] What is the history of Licious? The development driven, D2C new creature protein brand has amounted to $52mn in supporting driven by IIFL AMC’s Late Stage Tech Fund. Dollar valuation accomplished. Avendus FLF likewise took part in the round.

In March 2022, Lici expanded its series F2 by 150 million. Series F2 is driven by Singapore-based Amansa Capital, Kotak PE and Axis Growth Avenue with AIF-I. Existing financial benefactors have as such participated in the round, including driving secret accessories including Nitin and Nikhil Kamath of Zerodha, Aman Gupta and Haresh Chawla of BoAt. Extra, True North.


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5 Ways to Hire a Child Injury Lawyer in Newburgh




A child’s injury is scary since it can severely affect their future. The injuries can affect them physically, mentally, and socially and even their future possibility to earn income. The injury can arise from many incidences such as car accidents, medical malpractices, and faulty products.

When you notice such injuries, the first step is to seek medical attention, after which you need to get the best lawyer to file a lawsuit and handle the matter. You need the best lawyer to represent the child, but getting one can be challenging due to the existing number of lawyers. Here is a selection guideline to help you get the best lawyer.

1.    Ask Google

Google is currently one of the best outlets for people who need to outsource professional and legal services. You can go to google and type in the best child injury lawyer in Newburgh, and you will have a range of choices. Google can help you with the selection process by providing additional materials to help you with the selection.

You can check their Google ratings and reviews. This is a column with the comments of the people who have used the lawyer and their ratings about the lawyer. You must focus on this section and read all the reviews and comments. Google will also provide a database of the cases they have handled, outcomes, and whether the cases are ongoing or completed.

Google will link you with their professional social media accounts so that you can see the level of their experience, academic qualifications, and experience handling other cases. You can also get a link to the firm where they work and read its reputation. This is enough research to get the best lawyer from a market filled with the best lawyers.

2.    Ask for reference

You can talk to a friend or other lawyers to refer you to the best child injury lawyer in Newburgh. For instance, you can ask your lawyer to refer you. Through references, you get someone with a recognized reputation for winning cases making it easier for you to settle on a pick without much research. You cannot just ask for a reference from anyone; you need someone trustworthy or someone who has used a child injury lawyer in the past.

From the suggestions, you can proceed to select the best one to represent you. You can consider other factors such as gender to help you with the comparison and selection process.

3.    Hire from the best law firms

There are many law firms in Newburgh with lawyers qualified to handle your case; however, you need to consider the best law firms since such firms have a reputation for hiring the best. To get the best law firms, you can consider factors such as areas of specialization; you can select the best personal injury law firms, accident law firms, or those that deal with child and teenage issues. You can also hire from the best firms that deal with negligence and other malpractice.

Once you find the best law firm based on your selection criteria, you should contact them to assign you a lawyer to handle the case. Any lawyer you get from such firms will be qualified to handle your issues without much effort. You can then talk to the lawyer and provide the relevant details for your case.

4.    Experience

When you want the best lawyer, you need to begin by focusing on your case. What are the stakes, why do you need to win, and what are the implications of other outcomes? Considering these factors will help you select the most experienced lawyer for the job because you are motivated to win at all costs. When the stakes are high, the level of child injury can complicate the child’s future; you need the best compensation you can get.

When you decide you need a trial, you need the best lawyer to win the case and get your child the justice they deserve. You can also seek assistance from the town’s best and oldest law firm and inform them about your desire for the best lawyer to handle your case.

5.    Check professional reputation


Even the best lawyers sometimes lose a case; however, the number of cases they win makes them the best. One with a high number of wins will guarantee you a win and the best compensation. You can also consider the firm’s reputation if you intend to hire a lawyer. Firms with recognition and the best reputations have the best lawyers to handle your case. However, the challenge is knowing the firms or lawyers with the best reputation.

You can do a google search, ask for help on social media and get the viewers’ opinions. You can also talk to other lawyers to give you a list. You can rate them against your requirements. You can develop a selection checklist and match it with their qualifications and records to end up with the best lawyer.


Selecting the best child injury lawyer is key to winning your case and getting the best compensation. Therefore, you need to approach the selection process keenly. Once you understand what is at stake and focus on what you want, you will be compelled to get the best lawyer. Allow others to help you in the selection process and compare their choices to your checklist to end up with the best.

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How to Make a Hay Baler?




It’s now no longer especially tough to construct a hand-baled mini-baler, and there are loads of free plans to be had online.

The baler will include a crate/box that serves as a field for the free hay to be baled and a press to compress the bales themselves. Features like doors and rope racks can even make your process easier.

Here’s what you want to build:

Box lengths

Decide what length you need that handmade hay baler to be. Use plywood and dimensional lumber to make a box that suits this length.

While I can suggest the exact length, it is great to determine which length you want primarily based totally on the scale of the bale you want, the whole weight of the baler (which should be portable), and the gear to be had and your budget.

Slats and Doors

On the front of the box, set up a door with vertical slats, as proven withinside the video above. The slats make it smooth to tie the bundle, and the door helps you to launch the package deal whilst you are trying it.

Twine Holders

Place the 2 eyebolts facet via way of means of facet so they may nearly contact the bottom, returned, and the pinnacle of the container. This is wherein you thread the hay rope to keep it in the vicinity.

Eyebolts keep it in place whilst still making it smooth to loosen the twine while pulled after the bale is complete. If you had been making bundles of twine, you’ll make of the eyebolt paths.

The Plunger

Build your plunger press from heavy and solid wood. Utilize the right perspective in your top while baling to maximize your leverage. This will let you create denser packs.

Operating a Mini Hay Baler

When you are ready to tie, run your twine via your eyebolt path, leaving more wrap and tie on the front and top. Box the free hay and bale the hay by hand.

Once you attain the top of the container, press down to your plunger to compact the hay. Load once more and repeat till your bale is the right length.

Factors to take into account while building a packer

When constructing your mini hay baler, you want to take into account the weight of the baler. If you plan to cut all of the hay via way of means of hand, you’ll both rake all of the free hay to wherein the baler is, or convey the baler to the hay. If you need to make it smooth to transport, make certain you’re the use a cart this is the proper length to pass via your field.

What system do you want for baling hay?

A compact tractor is a staple of each operation, however, garden mowers, conditioners, hay rakes, balers, and sometimes hay spreaders and balers are needed. Pay near attention to make sure your tractor has sufficient engine horsepower to satisfy the horsepower requirements of every implement.

How much does a hay baler cost?

Depending on wherein your small farm is placed and what time of yr you purchase it, you could discover a good, serviceable square baler for everywhere from $500 to $2,500.

Read Videovor for more interested information .

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How to Make Gunny Sack?




A sack is a bag product of burlap. These sacks serve a variety of purposes, even though they have been at first advanced to move agricultural products inclusive of coffee, corn, wheat, and potatoes. They are sometimes known as burlap sacks because of the main building material, and locally as saffron sacks, due to the fact agricultural products have been frequently transported in them in the past. The call is derived from the Sanskrit phrase goni, because of this that bag or gunny sack. The word become followed by English in the 1700s, together with different Sanskrit words that entered English because of the colonization of India. 

Word History: Large bags product of loosely woven hard material are regarded by various names in American nearby English. The maximum, not unusual place term is burlap sack, that’s found anywhere however is used in particular in the Northeast. In the Midwest and West, the common term is a sack.

The phrase gunny, which means hard fabric, has Indo-Aryan origins. Reusable sacks have historically been used, commonly holding approximately 50 kg (110 lb), and stay used to move grain, potatoes, and different agricultural products to a few extents. In Australia, those sacks made from Indian jute are traditionally known as “sacks”, “sacks” or “sugar bags”. The term mop bags means they may be made from two, spun fibers of hemp or different plants.

Burlap is a densely woven fabric, generally made from natural fibers inclusive of jute. The dense weave has enormous tensile strength, and because of this that the bag is difficult to break or twist with heavy objects. However, way to the natural fibers, the sack is likewise flexible and environmentally friendly. The fibers used tend to be non-toxic and the bags will in the end biodegrade. Sacks also are typically extensively recycled due to their many capacity uses.

Sack or sack. Also known as a nearby saffron sack, Croker sack, drag bag, drag bag. Sacks are sometimes used as sandbags for erosion control, in particular in emergencies. Until the second one 1/2 of the 20th century, after they have become much less common, sacks have been one of the main gear for fighting grass fires in rural areas, used while soaked in water while available. Sacks also are famous in the traditional children’s sack race.

How are sacks made?

A burlap sack or sack, additionally referred to as a sack or sack, is a cheaper bag traditionally made from burlap (burlap) crafted from jute, hemp, or different natural fibers. Modern variations of those sacks are frequently crafted from synthetic fabrics inclusive of polypropylene.

Why is it known as a sack?

Still, burlap bags were once known as sacks. The call comes from “goni”, an Indian word from the Mangalore district of India. It simply means fiber. The British became it into “gunny,” a word for the jute sack they used to transport grain.

How are sacks made?

To make bags and different cloth products, jute fiber is taken from the stem and husk of the jute plant. After submerging the stems in slow-walking water, the non-fibrous material may be scraped off, allowing workers to drag the fibers from the jute stems.

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