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What makes HK VPS Server the Best Option for an E-Commerce Website?



HK VPS Server


For every E-Commerce business, a website plays a central role. The sales, revenue, and brand image of any E-Commerce business revolves around its website. Thus, the decision of opting for a web hosting server for your E-Commerce website must not be taken lightly. You must be able to host your website successfully in order to retain your existing customers and attain potential customers to ensure business profitability. 

With the progress in virtualization technology, web hosting companies have been able to provide a secure and stable hosting server at the most affordable pricing – VPS. Over the past few years, HK VPS Server has become the foremost choice of many website owners. In this guide, we will give you insights into how a VPS server can be the perfect web hosting solution for your E-Commerce website. Let’s begin by highlighting the functioning of a virtual private server for deeper understanding.

What is VPS Hong Kong?

When a physical server is split by virtualization software, various virtual chambers are created. Each of these chambers is known as a virtual private server. Every HK VPS Server functions independently without impacting the performance and operations of other virtual private servers. With VPS hosting, you acquire an autonomous and isolated web hosting platform to host your E-Commerce website. Thus, unlike shared server hosting, your website’s performance can not be affected by the activities of other users employing the same physical server. Also, you acquire required web resources to host your website, such as random access memory, bandwidth, disk space, etc., that solely operate for your website. The resources assigned to your HongKong VPS can not be employed by any other user’s website even if your website is not using them at any moment.

Why E-Commerce Website is Important for Business Owners?

An ECommerce website holds utmost significance because of the following reasons – 

Customer Reach

It helps to increase customer reach. Consumers from anywhere around the world can access an E-Commerce website irrespective of the device they employ. All they need is to have an internet connection on their devices.  


Offline markets have certain opening and closing timings. However, an E-Commerce website makes the market open 24/7 for all Internet users. You can make a purchase at your convenient time. This helps ECommerce business websites to generate sales opportunities in high numbers.

Maintenance Costs

As compared to the offline store, the E-Commerce store involves much lower maintenance costs. For instance, you do not have to invest money in rent, electricity bills, infrastructure, etc. This helps you acquire higher revenue at least investment with the E-Commerce website. 


Offline stores require people to run them at certain locations. However, you can operate an E-Commerce website by being anywhere around the world. This allows you to gain flexibility in running your business the way you want and get involved in other multiple activities. 

Benefits of Hong Kong VPS for an E-Commerce Website

Hong Kong VPS

HK VPS Server brings a lot of benefits to your E-Commerce website. Mentioned below are some of the significant ones. Have a glance at them!

High-Grade Performance 

Your E-Commerce website obtains dedicated resources with the HongKong VPS. Also, you get the right to upscale your existing web resources according to your website necessities. This helps your website deliver optimal performance even during traffic peaks. Further, your end users also obtain the fastest web page loading speed.  

Better SEO Ranking

With the Cheap VPS Hong Kong, you acquire a secure and private hosting environment for your E-Commerce website. It also provides the highest uptime and least downtime. All this enables your business website to gain a better SEO ranking. 

Hosting Flexibility

Under the HK VPS Server, you acquire customization flexibility. You can run the needed operating systems, programs, software, and other applications. Moreover, you can obtain root control of your VPS server from your web hosting company. This enables you to configure your server in the best way possible. 

Serverwala- The Best VPS Hosting Provider in Hong Kong

Serverwala Cloud Data Center is one such data center that facilitates you to make the best usage of your HK VPS Server. It lets you acquire all the privileges and benefits that the VPS hosting is capable of rendering. Further, Serverwala data center is well renowned for providing the Cheap VPS plans and packages. It accommodates all the demands of a wide range of E-Commerce businesses. With the Serverwala’s virtual private server hosting, you get the following excellent features – 

  • 24/7 Technical and Customer support service via a proficient team of specialists and professionals
  • Full Root Access with VPS Hong Kong
  • 99.90% Uptime assurance with service level agreement
  • 100% Solid State Drives (SSDs) data storage
  • Fastest and Consistent network connectivity
  • Advanced in-built security measures, including DDoS protection and SSL certificate
  • Unlimited bandwidth with the Hong Kong VPS, etc. 


HK VPS Server is an ideal web hosting solution for an E-Commerce website. It provides high flexibility, scalability, robust data security, customizability, and better hosting server control. Consequently, your business website attains the fastest web page loading speed, optimal performance, and best possible SEO ranking. Moreover, you can rely on Serverwala Cloud Data Center without a second thought for acquiring the leading VPS hosting plan for your E-Commerce website at the cheapest pricing. Check out the official website of the data center and grab further insightful details about the best yet Cheap VPS Hong Kong. 

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Expand Your Multi-Service Business in Different Country With Gojek Clone App




gojek clone

Expanding business with the Gojek Clone app just became easy! Entrepreneurs only need to purchase the app, get it white-labeled, and launch it on different platforms like Android and iOS app stores. That is how effortlessly you can establish a multi-billion dollar company and expand in various countries. 

To help you understand how you can expand with this on-demand multi-service app, we have compiled a small guide for you! Take a walk through this guide. 

Expanding to Other Countries with the Gojek Clone App 

What do you need to expand in other countries? You need to build an app that elevates the user experience. To ensure that customers will love the app, take the demo app trial. Until and unless you enjoy the experience, it will be difficult to affirm that the customers will love the app! 

Remember, don’t invest in Gojek Clone app trials! They should be FREE! 

1. Integrate preferred languages and currencies 

Every country has a different language and currency. The first step to expanding the business is integrating the languages and banknotes of the countries you have set the expansion plan. For example, you are a USA-based company. Now, you are planning to expand to 5 different countries: 

  • Thailand 
  • Singapore
  • Turkey 
  • Brazil 
  • Dubai

Therefore, you have to integrate the languages and currencies of these countries into the multi-service app. Customers in these countries can now easily browse through your app and book the services accordingly, hassle-free! 

2. Integrate the local payment gateway 

Another way to easily transit into other countries’ ecosystems; you need to ensure that the platform integrates local payment gateways. Let’s take the example of the above-stated countries. 

  • Thailand: Omise Payment Gateway 
  • Singapore: Omise Payment Gateway 
  • Turkey: Iyzico Payment Gateway 
  • Brazil: Zoop Payment Gateway 
  • Dubai: Payfort Payment Gateway

3. Measure the app desirability in other countries 

What would be the point of expansion when customers don’t wish to use your app? Assure that your Gojek Clone app has something distinctive and unique to offer. To create something that will trigger the customers and attract them, 

  • Brainstorm unique ideas 
  • Examine and study what customers want 
  • Look at the competitors 

4. Make your app bug-free  

Performance issues can disturb your business! Therefore, you must avoid any kind of bugs and problems in the app. If your app keeps crashing, users may decide to uninstall your app. Moreover, if that keeps happening it will completely shatter your brand image. All that will lead to creating a negative impact and probably thousands of poor reviews and ratings on the app! 

Here are a few points that you should do to avoid any trouble: 

  • Minimize the notifications.
  • Ensure that the app doesn’t use excessive CPU. 
  • Work on security and privacy concerns. 

5. Focus on a few markets first 

Expanding the business internationally is exciting. It can bring you abundant profits and success. However, the wisest thing to do is focus on a few foreign markets before covering the entire globe. 

Study the market for your Gojek Clone app before moving further with expansions. Choose the countries where your business could gain considerable success! 

Another sure-shot way to ensure that your expansion will be smooth sailing is – MARKETING! Remember, a well-optimized app can never attract the customer on its own until you market it. Use social media marketing, SEO, and other online advertising ways to create a marketing plan that is suitable for your business. 

How to Ensure That the On-demand App Solution Is Genuine? 

The question is very important. As an entrepreneur, you should always look for authentic sources for your business requirements. Here, let’s talk about selecting the right on-demand app solution before expanding your business. 

  • The app that you’re purchasing must have a lifetime licensed source code. 
  • The solution has to be sourced from a white-labeling firm that has already launched 1200+ apps. 
  • The firm must showcase the video testimonials of its clients on the website and other social media channels. 
  • Ask about the technology stack used by the white-labeling firm. Ensure that every technology is the latest in the market!


Boosting sales and revenue, at the same time, requires you to expand the business and invest, initially! Therefore, for an easy transition to other economies, invest in the Gojek Clone app. This on-demand multi-service app is an excellent solution for entrepreneurs who want to succeed and earn more money.

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Optimize Your Customer Service With QR Code Solution




QR Code Solution

Quick Response (QR) Codes can be seen everywhere now!  The marketers or businesses are connecting with their customers with this matrix bar-code. The statistics reveal that the number of users of scanning QR code solutions will grow to 99.5 million from 83.4 million by 2025. These figures clear out that its limit is not to ads or payments. However, almost every sector can leverage this contact-less technology to enhance customer service. This article aims to give you a brief on how embedding QR codes is a beneficial deal for your business. Without any further ado, let’s find out!

Why is using a QR code solution essential?

A QR code is a square-shaped small bar code that you can notice in banks, restaurants, malls or shop windows. Their usage is in advertisements, packaging, menu, check-ins, processing payments, etc. The QR code generator gives access to quickly scan the online content. 

Many stores or banks use QR codes to handle long queues.  Because of technological advancement, a virtual queue management system has come into existence. Many reliable queuing solutions allow their customers to check in from the QR codes to the premises by filling in the mandatory information. However, doing so does not consume more time than the customers spend waiting for their turn. But, using it, the process accelerates, business tasks are completed in less time and the service quality improves. Additionally, it boosts staff productivity, and therefore, the business value. 

Tips on how QR codes can enhance customer experience

Encourage customer re-visits

The multimedia response triggers when the QR activates. A funnel is created for customers’ convenience with content. Hence, this process encourages a shopping experience, providing customers with unique incentives to do similar things with you again in the future.

However, if the marketers can make customers revisit again to purchase, then, there are chances that they will proceed to purchase from them. Positively, you are not required to make an additional investment when it comes to marketing. Easily, with the right usage of QR codes, the customers can be converted. 

Offline and Online World Channeling

Even if the technology has shown its impact on every business, but, printing has not gone out.  If you will ask us, it shouldn’t be. The reason is only that it converts the events and stores aesthetic and lively. While the printing ads are more purposeful and interactive with digitized solutions. Some industries or retail stores have implemented a QR code queue system for customers’ convenience. Visiting the offline store seamlessly scans QR codes from invoices, posters, banners, hoardings, and entry tickets and can enjoy offers, and loyalty programs, check the complete online collection, or sign up for a warranty.

Easy and Quick Customer Details

Customer Queue data

As we all know that there is an extensive percentage of mobile phone users, and getting their details is easy with a QR code generator. It enables businesses to get a hold of the information in the smartest possible way. Despite the medium of marketing, the mobile phone users after scanning the QR codes on digital marketing collateral or print. In the same vein, communication can be carried out effectively for productive marketing campaigns. 

Reinforcing customer’s and retailers’ relationship

In addition to the important communication, the QR code solution holds the details that enhance awareness and trust, and simplify the purchasing process. Considering an example of the coffee and food industries. They use the video QR solutions to share the cooking methods. Additionally, the customers use these bar codes to notify the authenticity and origin of the used elements. Also, the fashion industry uses it to spread the word about work practices and labor tasks to establish enduring relationships with customers. Many say that these types of relationships lead to improvement in customer loyalty and a higher retention rate. 

Cultivate Re-marketing 

We already have mentioned that mobile phones have become an important part of everyone’s life. It enhances customers’ purchasing experience and helps to discover, search and buy retail items. These days, several mobile phones have integrated QR code scanners. Consequently, it eliminates the need for a third-party application for scanning QR codes. As many searches start with smartphones, QR codes offer two-way communication. Using it, the marketers can find out details of buying behavior and they can re-market the customer outside the store experience. 

Moreover, the solution enables retailers to check the growth in advertising costs. That implies QR codes provide technology-oriented marketers with a medium for re-targeting on Facebook and Google. Assuredly, the retargeted customers can communicate on social media regarding online ads more than those users who never came to your store.

Reduces marketing Cost

The conventional methods that marketers present to promote products or for special offers are email and SMS. Undoubtedly, these cost more than simply scanning QR codes on receipts, posters or products. Additionally, it encourages interaction and tracks down online and usage behavior. Collectively, all these efforts result in a higher conversion rate. The retailers can make personalized posters from the beautifully designed templates and include QR codes for more customer interaction. 

Real-time interaction

In the period of extreme communication, the competitive benefit is the first to know, acknowledge, or benefit from an offer, product, message, etc. Collections for limited-time discounts, unique editions, or just for members are more attractive and successful due to fewer users and special availability. In these scenarios, the best solution is to get the desired thing in real-time.

In addition, the provider of QR code solutions even supports retailers to create interest and excitement for a successful campaign for a collection, product, brand, etc. The profitable thing is to trace the QR code scans for knowing the efficiency of every scan.

Concluding Remarks

There is no one business that has not opted for a QR code solution to reap its benefits. The article justified the statement that it is here to stay for long.  From improving customer experience to quick completion of the process, eliminating waiting queues, and higher productivity, it gives you much! 

Have you not implemented it yet in your business? Do it now! Benefits are assured! 

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7 Features Must-Have in Massage Center Management Software




massage center management software

Several massage therapists are stressed out because of daily administrative and managerial tasks. Regular interaction with customers, keeping appointments intact, inventory management, payment processing, etc. results in a lot of stress and exertion. That demands the integration of Massage center management software not only to streamline the day-to-day operations but to thrive and grow in the beauty and wellness industry. 

If you own a massage center, then choosing an ideal software according to your business requirements is a must. Here, comes the need to look after the major features that your chosen massage therapy scheduling software must have. This article aims to reveal the critical seven features of the solution. Let’s find out!

What Is Massage Center Management Software?

The best massage software assists the individual and the message center owners to automate their operational tasks. It allows them to simplify appointment bookings, calendar management, receiving feedback from customers, marketing the products and services, payment processing, and many more. Using it, businesses can monitor employee productivity, and inventory, and reduce no-shows.

The software also allows the customers to book, cancel, or reschedule their appointments.  Additionally, the software manages the employee payrolls, pay rates, commissions, rewards, etc. Majorly, it holds the features that generate loyalty programs, send appointment notifications to customers, creating SMS/email marketing programs. 

Features of the Best Massage Therapy Software

#1. Easy Appointment Management

Making it easy for the customers and the staff to schedule an appointment is fundamental in massage centers. Use advanced online booking software and bid farewell to the old means of booking an appointment with your customers. While looking for the software, pick the one that gives higher productivity to your business. 

Let it allow the customers to book with you conveniently anytime and from anywhere. With an online booking option, you can reduce no-shows and overbooking considerably. Moreover, with the software, customers can cancel or reschedule their appointments with their ease. Also, you can integrate the online scheduling widget into social media pages or websites.  Positively, it confirms that you are open also during non-working hours. 

#2. Inventory Management

The best online booking system for massage therapists keeps track of the stocks available in the warehouse. Also, it records the mostly used and higher selling products in your business.  This practice frees the staff members to use the time to do more productive tasks instead of counting shampoo bottles or towels. 

Monitoring inventory using software not just enhances the accuracy or effectiveness, however, the data used in the process is also examined. The software lets you find the real-time stock levels, profit margins, sales, selling products, and the staff members committed to sales generation. It notifies via SMS or email when there are fewer stocks, and places the order of the required ones. 

#3. Point of Sale (POS)

In addition to keeping a tab on the inventory, the Massage center management software also tracks reward points, referrals, commission, and sales. An ideal  POS software prepares your massage therapy center for tax time. It has an integrated payment processing system.  

The reliable POS system includes the customer’s purchasing history and the services mostly used to confirm the product recommendations. It notifies the staff members regarding suitable suggestions that will lead to more sales. 

#4. Automated Reminder and Confirmation system

Because of automation in massage software, handling the tasks turns out to be an easy job. When the appointment is scheduled, calling and knowing the status is a chaotic and time-consuming task. So, find out the software that gives automation quickly when the appointment is confirmed.

Basically, the software sends out the message to the customers when the appointment is scheduled. However, notifying on the same day of booking is also a fair choice.  It assures the customer will not miss the appointment and will show up on time. Of course, the software reduces the chances of no-shows and improves your massage center productivity. 

#5. Marketing Automation

The right massage therapy software assists the business to market the services and products actively. Also, it makes your customers more engaged with your brand and increases the footfall. One of the productive methods to maintain the consistency of customer involvement is text and email messaging.  Leverage this marketing method and thank your customers for showing up at your massage center. Additionally, you can send messages to those customers who have not shown up for some time.

Automated emails or SMS are a means of making the customers feel valued. You can notify them regarding upcoming offers, deals, discounts, etc. This could be reminded to a larger group also. However, if you want to notify an individual customer about an upcoming appointment, then, you can simply send out an SMS for the same. 

Email marketing allows you to message on time or, could be scheduled for later. This type of communication allows you to either create ongoing campaigns or send one message at one time.  Some software has the filtering option to streamline or customize it all.

#6. Reporting and Analytics

When you are an owner of a massage therapy center, then, it is mandatory to find out how your business is operating. Here comes the need for reporting and analytics. Comprehensive performance and financial reports are essential tools to make important decisions and for performance management. While looking for the software, choose the one that gives more options to run reports. Below are the reporting options that your massage booking software must have:

  • Clients Report
  • Total Sheet
  • Ticket Summary
  • Employee Schedule
  • Tickets Report
  • Sales Analysis
  • Inventory Value Report
  • Pre-booking Report
  • Sales Growth Analysis
  • Client Analysis
  • Canceled Appointments Report
  • Enhanced Text Messaging Report
  • Future Recurring Membership Income

#7. Great Customer Support

Not least of all, the best online appointment booking system for massage therapists should offer customer support to rely on.

Despite how effective and useful the Point of Sale design is, anyone can experience issues with what a solution is needed quickly. Indeed, with a significant user manual, things can become easy.  Though, we cannot compare it with live human assistance.

The software will have the features that you are known or not known to all.  And, most of the time, you start using them gradually. But, if you will have someone by your side to help whenever you require makes knowing and using the features easy. Eventually, find out the software that gives training or technical assistance without extra cost. 

Concluding Remarks

An individual massage therapist or business owner should know the benefits they will receive after integrating Massage center management software. The solution has capabilities that make the business centralized and efficacious. However, you must assure that the software you pick has the features we have mentioned in this article. Do not rush, take your time and make the smart choice!

Share your thoughts with us related to this article. Thanks for reading!

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